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“Hate Speech, Guns and the First Amendment”, NW Lawyer (publication of Washington State Bar Association) Dec 2017/Jan 2018

“Can Puff the Magic Dragon Lawfully Advertise his Wares?” Communication Lawyer, Vol. 31, Number 3, Summer 2015 (publication of American Bar Association Forum on Communications Law)

“Blockbuster FCC Order Pulls Regulation into the Twenty-First Century.” Communication Lawyer, Vol. 28, Number 4, January 2012 (publication of American Bar Association Forum on Communications Law)’

“Public Records Deskbook: Washington’s Public Disclosure and Open Public Meetings Law” Published by the Washington State Bar Association, 2014 and updated 2019, Author of two chapters; Editor of two chapters.

Representative Cases 

Defamation/First Amendment

Pinney v. Nordstrom, 124 Wn. App. 1019 (2004) (Court of Appeals affirmed grant of summary judgment dismissing defamation claim against Seattle alternative newspaper brought by ex-girlfriend of Peter Nordstrom).

Dreiling v. Jain, 151 Wn. 2d 900 (2004) (established right to access court filings in civil cases for The Seattle Times.)

Winepress Publishing v. Levine, Case No. 2:09-cv-00593-RAJ (W.D.WA. 2009) (won summary judgment dismissing defamation claim against a book publisher for a critical review of plaintiff).

Demers v. Austin, 746 F. 3d 402 (9th Cir. 2014) (established that journalism professor had a First Amendment right to criticize administration).

Thomson v. Jane Doe, 356 P. 3d 727 (COA Div. I 2015) (won appeal over plaintiff’s attempt to force disclosure of identity of anonymous web-site poster).

Intellectual Property 

Ford v. Ray, 130 F. Supp. 3d 1358 (W.D.WA. 2015) (won summary judgment for "Sir Mix-A-Lot"over plaintiff’s claim to joint ownership of the copyright for “Baby Got Back”).

Public Records

Fisher Broadcasting-Seattle TV LLC v. City of Seattle, 180 Wn. 2d 515 (2014) (won case at trial and on appeal forcing the City of Seattle to disclose Seattle Police Department dash-cam videos in response to broadcast reporter's Public Records Act (PRA) request).

Belo Mgmt. Servs. Inc. v. Click! Network, 184 Wn. App. 649 (2014) (won an injunction for broadcaster over PRA request for price lists/trade secrets submitted to public cable provider at trial court level; reversed by the Court of Appeals).

Lyft, Inc. v. City of Seattle, 190 Wn. 2d 769 (2018) ) (won an injunction for drive service provider about PRA request for competitive data/trade secrets submitted to public agency that regulated the provider at trial court level; reversed by the Washington Supreme Court).

Administrative Law 

Washington Independent Telephone assoc. (WITA) v. Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, 149 Wn. 2d 17 (2003) (won appeal from WITA protesting the granting of Eligible Telecommunications Carrier status to wireless provider)

Ass’n of Pub. Agency Customers v. Bonneville Power Administration, 733 F. 3d 939 (9th Cir. 2013) (appeal from rate setting used by BPA under arcane provision in the Northwest Power Act)

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