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Content and Communications

Providing premier legal advice and counsel for legal, business, and regulatory matters affecting individuals and companies in the telecommunications, media, and technology industries.

Recognized by Best Lawyers of America as 2020 Lawyer of the Year in Communications in Seattle

Your Trusted Legal Partner

Welcome to Endejan Law, LLC! Founded by Judy Endejan in 2020 after decades of working in-house and at large law firms, her law firm focuses on "content and communications" clients.  This means providing service to those who prepare  content and those who transmit or communicate it.  Her clients have included:

  • advertisers
  • artists
  • authors
  • broadcasters (public and private)
  • cable companies
  • e-commerce companies
  • musicians
  • newspapers (traditional and alternative)
  • university professors
  • social media/internet providers
  • technology companies
  • wireless companies
  • wireline companies

These clients have had diverse, wide-ranging issues, many arising under the First Amendment or state and local public records laws or trademark/copyright issues. In addition, Judy's work with telecommunications companies allowed her to gain expertise ranging from complex commercial matters such as cellular leases or intellectual property licenses, to regulatory proceedings under the Telecommunications Act of 1934, as amended in 1996. Known for the passion, humor and practical approach that she brings to her clients, Judy started her own firm to better serve them.  Her new situation provides greater flexibility in accepting new matters and the opportunity to offer creative, client-sensitive rates, while providing the same level of service she offered while at larger firms.  Her services are available to individuals and businesses operating on the West Coast.  While her office is in the greater Seattle area,  her practice takes her throughout Washington, Oregon and California.  She is admitted to practice law in those jurisdictions. 

Please browse through this site to learn more about what Endejan Law, LLC can provide.  If you are interested, after doing so, please get in touch  today!

Mission Statement

Endejan Law, LLC is committed to providing responsive, practical legal  services to clients to achieve outstanding results, in an honest, ethical and cost-effective way.

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